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Malin makes people meet

Malin makes people meet

Where unexpected meetings between people happen, great things can happen. It says Malin Winsa at Boden Business Park. Meet the human collector who constantly arrange new events.

Today, many of Boden Business Park see Sävast as the obvious place for development and future confidence. But that has not always been the case. When Malin started here just over three years ago, it was up to the task of finding new tenants and getting the business park to flourish.

The first step was to change the brand, from the fallen Create to the modern International Boden Business Park and fill it with new life.

- I want to make this so attractive that it attracts talented and driven people who make sure things start happening. I think that event is a good start to it, she says.

Malin believes that by chance, you can check the interest of different subjects and get in touch with new people from unexpected places, so you do not know or have in their network.

- From the beginning all lectures were very public and wide to attract a lot of people and show that the place lives again. Now the situation is that we can have more niche things, it is not very important that there are really many people but it should be the right people on the right things, says Malin.
Extension provides new opportunities

Now she is arranging more and more events in the newly built "Växthuset" to showcase the premises and attract more to the flexible workplaces here. When the next build will come in place next year there is the opportunity for even more and bigger events.

- The new venue is my dream. Ever since we started with company breakfasts, I have known that we need a better arena that is both professional and personal.

In winter, there are a series of breakfast seminars and innovation events about games, food and blockchain.

- The vision for me is that there is activity here all the time, even evenings and weekends - that something is always happening here, people take their own initiative, that students and companies arrange their own things. We are the potentialers, says Malin.
Natural meeting place

The many events have made Boden Business Park a natural meeting place, especially in business. Anne Graf, CEO of Hydro66, says, for example, she is always running exactly what she needs to meet when she comes here.

Here, nearly 40 newly established and established companies together with knowledge-intensive students accommodate. There are also business developers who work hard to build the industry's future in Boden - data centers, game development and environmental technology.

- The mix is ​​the best. And everything gives rings on the water, "says Malin.

She wants to get here many different people, from different countries, industries and cultures.

- I like to gather people. Also private, to steer up and gather people. I also want them to get something out of it, an added value like contacts, knowledge or inspiration. The hostess is also very important, everyone should feel welcome.


Text and image: KOMM / Bodens kommun