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Even closer to business development

Even closer to business development

Now the municipality of Boden's all resources for business development are gathered in one place. At the turn of the year, business developers Jörgen Nordqvist and Michaela Strömberg, who previously had their home in City Hall, moved out to Boden Business Park.

They are thus even closer to Boden's growing business life.
- It feels great to gather the business work to one and the same place. Boden Business Park is doing a fantastic job and we look forward to further strengthening the organization and working to create conditions for growth for the business community throughout the municipality, says Michaela Strömberg.

Jörgen Nordqvist and Michaela Strömberg will work to promote growth for the entire business community, both in the city center and in the countryside. They work with everything from start-ups to existing businesses and new establishments. They will continue to visit companies around Boden.
- They will be a good reinforcement for us at Boden Business Park as we get several natural and established entrances to the business community in Boden. I see great opportunities to improve our service and cut lead times in our continued development work for an even better business climate, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park.

They will be on site at City Hall on Tuesdays to continue the close collaboration with other activities within the municipality that affect the business community.
- We have an established network of contacts and good relations within the various administrations. We can take that with us in the coming work, says Michaela Strömberg.

Do you want to get in touch with Jörgen or Michaela?
Jörgen Nordqvist, business developer, Boden Business Park.
e-mail: jorgen@bodenbusinesspark.se, telephone: 070-650 80 19.

Michaela Strömberg, business developer, Boden Business Park
e-mail: michaela@bodenbusinesspark.se, telephone: 070-206 63 84.