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Operate greenhouses with waste heat from data centers

Operate greenhouses with waste heat from data centers

Boden Business Park, Boden Business Agency and the Swedish Energy Agency are working in a tripartite relationship where the goal is to utilize the waste heat from data centers to grow vegetables in greenhouses.

"You should stop thinking about building large transmission lines to the south, but should keep the energy here to create fantastic industrial areas with food and food production", says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park. He continues:

"20 percent of what is grown is produced in Sweden and up here it is even worse, so we see a large regional market if we can use the waste heat to produce vegetables"

The Swedish Energy Agency has been commissioned by the government to make Sweden 50 percent more energy efficient by 2030.

The parties are looking at various projects, one of which involves data centers and greenhouses where they have reached such a point that it can now be concretized.

In the old military area AF1, a data center in collaboration with several companies will take advantage of the waste heat from the data center, transfer it to a 300 square meter greenhouse, where people from the sister project Växtzon will work endlessly.

"We scale it up to a size where you should be able to run a business. Then the ambition is to grow further, but this is a demonstration project where we can show that it is possible to conduct business in 20-30 degrees below zero, and purely organizationally possible to grow vegetables and get them on the market", says Håkan Nordin, business developer at Boden Business Agency.