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Workshop Arctic Hospitality Manager

Workshop Arctic Hospitality Manager

30 okt 2019, 13:00-16:00

A warm welcome at a workshop on the needs of the hospitality industry for new skills and new employees!

In the summer of 2019, an application for a YH education named Arctic Hospitality Manager was sent to the Institute of Vocational College (MYH) and of course we hope for a positive decision! On October 30, we will gather to have a dialogue and get information about the education.

We invite you to lunch at 1 pm and then discuss the content of the educational plan and discuss issues such as:

- Who wants to participate actively as a lecturer?
- How do we set up LIA (internship) for 20 weeks?
- What can we do to increase the chances of getting a YES from MYH?
- How do we create interest in education?

Anna Möller, educational leader from Changemaker Educations participates.

Location: Boden Business Park

Date and time: October 30 at 13-16 (we start lunch at 13)

Register by October 27 below.


Warm welcome!

Organizers: Boden Business Park and Changemaker Educations