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Fatshark Game Jam

Fatshark Game Jam

3-6 okt 2019, 16:00-16:00

October 3-6, it's time for Game Jam in Boden - again. This time, the event is arranged with the help of Fatshark, one of Sweden's most successful game developers whose game series Warhammer Vermintide has sold well over five million copies.

As with most other gaming studios, there are northern bottoms among the developers and at Fatshark there are actually two bodensers and a kalixbo. All of these will be in place to help with the games that develop and act as a sounding board. The basic idea is that Fatsharks Game Jam should not only be a Game Jam, but also be a little card training for those who want to learn more about the industry and things that are good to have in their backpack for their own creations.

In order to get some more time to create, we are already running on Thursday the third of October, but if you can't come back then just drop in when you can. Some will probably join on Friday afternoon when work or school is completed.

Do you have any thoughts about game development or maybe have a junior at home who is it? Then it is an excellent opportunity to meet Fatshark's developers and ask a little more about how it works, what you should think about, or which education may be relevant.

Are you full of game ideas, but don't have a hint of how to make games? Then a Game Jam is perfect for you, it is just a matter of being able to sell your game idea to the participants in place, or in any case talk to some who might like your idea to see if it is something to take care of in the future.

Do you like to play games? Come by and try the games created over the weekend, maybe play Warhammer Vermintide 2 with the developers, or just challenge someone in Fifa.

In short. Everyone is welcome.