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Workshop: Smart industrial areas and information meeting on RE:Sources call

Workshop: Smart industrial areas and information meeting on RE:Sources call

11 jun 2019, 09:00-14:30

The innovation program RE:Source, together with Boden Business Park, invites you to an educational and inspiring day about energy recovery and industrial symbiosis. As a participant you will have the opportunity to make ideas, ask questions and find the right tools to work on the issues at home.

How can we best create the conditions for the smart industrial areas of the future where companies and businesses utilize energy and materials in an optimal way? Take part of the results and lessons learned from the projects "The role of energy recovery" and "Industrial symbiosis in Sotenäs". Inspire and make ideas with the project managers who present results and hold a workshop.

The day ends with an information and question time on the innovation program RE: Sources' major call for proposals where innovation leader Johan Felix tells about the possibility of applying for funding for demonstration projects and innovation projects. More about the call can be found here.

The workshop is free. Register by June 6 here.

We start at 9 am with coffee and finish at 2.30 pm with a break for lunch.

Warm welcome!

From the program:

Jenny Sahlin, Profu, presents results and experiences on "Energy recycling in a circular economy"
The transition to a circular economy, where waste in principle does not occur, requires a profound transformation of the entire social structure: from behavior and norms to resource withdrawal, financial metrics and law.
Energy recovery from waste for electricity and district heating has a role for the waste fractions that cannot or may not be circulated in society. Results from several of ReSource's research projects investigate how different actors can contribute to the transition.

Peter Carlsson, Sotenäs municipality, presents results and experiences about "Industrial symbiosis for a resource-efficient industry"
Industrial symbiosis is a methodology for reaching a more circular by using resources shared more efficiently, someone's waste or residual product being the other's raw material. Industrial symbiosis has proven to provide economic, environmental and social benefits. Inspiration and tools from industrial symbiosis projects should form the basis of a workshop where the potential of the participants can begin to be identified as a basis for future local symbiosis networks.

Johan Felix, Chalmers Industrial Engineering, is the innovation leader for RE:Source.
Johan participates in the afternoon via skype to inform about RE: Sources' big announcement that is open for applications from mid-May to the end of August and mid-September. The call for proposals consists of three parts and RE: Source is seeking both demonstration projects and innovation projects.