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Business Networking Breakfast

Business Networking Breakfast

4 sep 2020, 07:45-08:30

September 4th, it's finally time for this autumn's first Business Breakfast in Boden. Whether it will be in place on our premises or as a digital broadcast we do not know today but will return with more information depending on recommendations and restrictions. Either way, we start the breakfast with what's going on and then move on to today's theme.

Program 7.45 - 8.30

No pre-registration is required and if it is digital we send the breakfast via Boden Kommune's Facebook page.

Company breakfast in Boden is arranged once a month in collaboration between the Business Boden, the Municipality of Bodens and the Boden Business Park.

If you would like more information about the event, please contact us at info@bodenbusinesspark.se

Warm welcome!