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Graduate training in Agenda 2030

28 February , 08.30 16.30

In the spring, a diploma in sustainability training in Agenda 2030 will be offered to small and medium-sized enterprises in Boden and Luleå.

Boden and Luleå are in the midst of the green social transition, which means unique opportunities for the development of local business. This training will help you understand what the 2030 Agenda is all about and how and why you and your company are affected by transformation to achieve the goals.

The overall aim of the course is to increase the competitiveness of the local business community by raising knowledge in sustainability work and increasing risk awareness among the participating companies.

The training is aimed at:
Anyone in business with an interest in sustainable development such as owners, managers, sales people, communicators, buyers, procurement, HR functions, product development, and others.

The trainer is human rights lawyer Parul Sharma with over 20 years of experience in sustainable development issues.

The training is diploma-based and takes place in three parts at locations in Boden and Luleå.

  • 28 February 2023, 08.30-16.30, Boden: Agenda 2030 background and scope
  • 21 March 2023, 08.30-16.30, Luleå: Agenda 2030 and social sustainability
  • 18 April 2023, 08.30-16.30, Boden: Agenda 2030 and environmental and climate sustainability

No prior knowledge required.

Free of charge. The training is funded by Region Norrbotten and North Sweden Green Deal.
The value of the training is 15 000 SEK excluding VAT.

The deadline for registration is 24 February. Sign up using the form below. You only need to register for the first date, then you will be automatically registered for all dates.

If the event is fully booked, you can register as a reserve by emailing Michaela Strömberg, michaela@bodenbusinesspark.se.

Luleå companies register via www.luleabusinessregion.se.

Registration is binding. In case of non-attendance and cancellation, a fee of 1 000 SEK excl.

Max 1 participant/company.

Limited number of places!

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