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Get an Education

At Boden Business Park we have education programmes that provide theory and practice in a well-balanced mix. The skill set that you take with you can open doors in more than one industry.

There are two programmes at the Park: one in indie game development (game designer / game programmer) and a vocational education for web development, aimed at e-commerce. The goal is to give you the tools to be able to go directly to the working life after your education, either by working for someone, or by starting your own business.

Indie games are about working for independent, small to medium sized, game companies where the work with the games is done from scratch. During the course you will get the chance to build your portfolio, try to pitch ideas, and work with sharp cases.

Both the practical and theoretical parts of the programmes are done in collaboration with players in the industry, and what competence they look for. For further practical experience and additional working life, the programmes also include an internship of 20 weeks.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. However, interest in the subject is an advantage. The programmes are all 2 years long, with a study pace of 100%. 

Many industries look for game developer skills. Depending on the direction you choose, you will receive various useful skills, such as programming and project management.

This is our philosophy: No student should get stuck with their accommodation always being via subleasing. For us, a safe and secure housing situation together with community are important – for the education as well as the student experience

For students at Boden Business Park, three different accommodation options are offered: dorm room, student module room or student apartment.


Read more about the programmes and how to apply:
Indie game developer


Changemaker Educations

Changemaker Education has several vocational education programmes, including in game development. When the admission places on the educations in Stockholm were crammed full, Changemaker Educations started the programmes in Boden, in collaboration with Sunderby Folkhögskola. Changemaker operates Future Games in Stockholm.

Sunderby folkhögskola

Sunderby Folkhögskola has been around since 1896. In the early years, the school educated young people in agriculture. More than a hundred years later, in addition to the programmes in indie game development, the school offers, among other things, art school and a variety of other vocational educations and courses.