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Space & Place Coworking

Are you in need of a workplace in a comfortable environment where the chance to make new friends and business is high? Do you want to expand your network and feel a positive feeling when you go to work? If so, rent a place in our coworking space!

Avoid responsibility for coffee, cleaning and wifi - and focus fully on your own business instead. By acquiring a coworking site at Boden Business Park, you also get a large network.

For those who rent a coworking space at Boden Business Park include their own desk, a lockable cupboard, parking space, cleaning, printers, Internet and events. You also have access to conference and meeting rooms. In addition, you receive a special price at the large conference facility and a discount on the large conference rooms managed by the restaurant.

At Boden Business Park there are two lunch restaurants, a café and a gym and there are regular events to attend.

The coworking agreements can be written monthly and have one month's notice period.

Among the companies that currently have coworking space at Boden Business Park are both one-man companies and larger companies that have their head office elsewhere. Through the on-site network, it is possible to both find the skills you lack and meet potential customers.

Price: SEK 2950 / month. The agreements are written monthly and you have one month's notice period.

Interested? Contact us, see contact details below.