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Get an Education

Get an Education

Here tomorrow's game developers, web developers and QA-testers are trained! Boden Gamecamp is an integral part of Bodens Business Park - here students from all over Sweden apply for education with good conditions for a career in a digital future industry.

At Boden Gamecamp there are currently two courses: one in indie gaming development (game designer / game programmer) and one  education for web development with a focus on e-commerce. In the autumn of 2020, a third training program - QA-tester will start.

The aim of the courses is to give you the tools to be able to go directly to work life, either through an employment or start of your own business, after completing the education.

Indie gaming is about working for small to medium-sized independent gaming companies where the work with the games is made from scratch. During the course you will get the chance to build your portfolio, try to pitch ideas and work with sharp cases.

The practical and theoretical parts of the courses take place in collaboration with players in the industry and focus on the skills that are required. For further practical experience and industry knowledge, annual study trips and 20 week internships include gaming companies.
The anchoring in the gaming industry has been recognized both medially and by famous gaming studios around the world. This has meant that both international and national gaming studios such as Glorious games, House Of How and Wander Word have established themselves in Sävast, Boden in order to take part of the knowledge that is being trained on site.
You do not need to have any prior knowledge, but great interest and experience of game development and game production are merit. The courses are two-year-old with 100% study pace and are run by Sunderby folk high school in collaboration with Changemaker Educations and Boden Business Park.
Boden Gamecamp offers guaranteed student accommodation a maximum of 15 minutes walk from our state-of-the-art educational facilities.

Contact us by mail to Emil Sandberg or call +46 70-280 40 92 for interest.


Read more about the programmes and how to apply:
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Web developer e-commerce
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Changemaker Educations

Changemaker Education has several vocational education programmes, including in game development. When the admission places on the educations in Stockholm were crammed full, Changemaker Educations started the programmes in Boden, in collaboration with Sunderby Folkhögskola. Changemaker runs Future Games, which for the second year in a row is ranked as the world's second best game design school by The Rookies!

Sunderby folkhögskola

Sunderby Folkhögskola has been around since 1896. In the early years, the school educated young people in agriculture. More than a hundred years later, in addition to the programmes in indie game development, the school offers, among other things, art school and a variety of other vocational educations and courses.