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Reception at Boden Business Park

Tenants at Boden Business Park

The tenants are telling

"Having your business at Boden Business Park means several advantages; the market rents are good, great parking, good technology, nice restaurant, close to both gym and golf course and hotel and conference facilities. Since Boden Business Agency took over, more businesses has established here and it has affected us all positive. The more we become and the greater the variety of businesses we get, the more business opportunities will be."  
Kent Alatalo, Nikor

& TM i norr
Tenant since: 2007 

"The main advantage I see with Boden Business Park is the position, here I have close both to my home and my daycare. Previously I had my office at home, but since I moved here, I've gotten a valuable social exchange. I like it here, it's a good working environment and since Boden Business Agency took over the operation the enthusiasm has spread throughout the facility. I look forward to the opportunities the investment in Boden Business Park may cause."  

Ida Wanhatalo, Sakab
Tenant since: 2014 


"We established our business at Boden Business Park because we wanted to have access to a facility where we could organize events. Here we have all we need; conference rooms, a restaurant and big parking. The facility also hav a strategically good location for us regionally working. I welcome the development of Boden Business Park, it has already generated benefits for us. Since we are in need of event production skills, it is valuable that we now have that in the facility's management."  

Alf Andefors, Future Eco

Alf Andefors,
Future Eco
Tenant since: 2014



"Since we have the entire county as our market, we want to sit centrally and easily accessible. Boden Business Park gives us the opportunity to do so. Through good connections with bus, train and airplane, it's easy to visit us; whether you are traveling from within or outside the county. It's also easy for us to conduct large meetings because the facility offers both conference rooms, food and hotel rooms."  

Catherine Melby,
IT Norrbotten

Tenant since: 1997