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Reception Boden Business Park

Business Studios at Boden Business Park

Being a part of Boden Business Park

Boden Business Park is the business opportunities meeting place. It's an arena where development focused businesses meet and work in a creative and vibrant environment. Situated between Boden and Luleå with good communications; the whole Node Pole is easily accessible.

The meeting place includes business studios, conference center, restaurant and hotel. We offer a total solution that makes it easier for tenants as well as visitors from afar. We offer good transport links; buses runs frequently and we have proximity to both the train station and airport. If you're traveling by car you have access to a large parking adjacent to the entrance. Boden Business Park and all its possibilities is situated only 10 minutes from Boden, 25 from Lulea and 35 from Luleå Airport.


We progress and develop together

Boden Business Park offers everything for the one-man company to the company with many employees. We are flexible, we're leasing business studios for both longer and shorter periods; for instance, when a project office is needed. Placing all or part of your business at Boden Business Park means proximity to other development-driven companies. It enables interesting collaborations, business and innovations. Ideas may be born over a cup of coffee in the restaurant or during a creative workshop in one of the conference rooms. When we gather development driven competencies of diversity under the same roof; the possibilities are endless. At Boden Business Park, an interesting business is only a door knock away.

Fun and exciting workplace

In a vibrant and creative environment, as Boden Business Park, your working day becomes more fun. Here, we learn from each other, we help each other and progress together. With access to both local, national and international networks, it is exciting to go to work, because you never know how close the solution of the future is. Maybe it will appear today over a cup of coffee, by an external visits or by a door knock.