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Malin Winsa

Business Developer

Malin makes sure people meet – and has a close watch on Boden Business Park. She is involved in most things happening at the Park, as well as in charge of events, with the purpose of creating rewarding meetings between people. Her spare time is filled with skiing and exercising.

Mattias Bergqvist

Business Developer

Mattias’ misson is to create a gaming industry in Boden. He is a former entrepreneur who likes the challenge of building an industry from scratch. In his free time, Mattias enjoys the Boden Närhetsliv, and is a supporter when his elite athlete girlfriend plays handball.

Thomas Fägerman

Business Developer

Thomas makes sure companies and individuals can thrive and expand their businesses according to  their goals. He spots and picks up ideas of development and identify those who fit the Boden offer. Thomas has previously worked in startup and expansion in the environment- and recycling industry on the contractor side. In his leisure time, Thomas likes being outdoors, preferably while hiking or skiing.

Anna-Karin Andersson

Construction Project Manager

Construction project manager for the new production Nybygget. Specialised in partnering and collaboration in the construction industry. Anna-Karin also runs her own company since 2010. In her spare time, Anna-Karin is a driving force in non-profit associations, for example in culture organizations.

Hanna Vågstedt


CFO who appreciates the versatility that comes with the job. Hanna has a Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics, and previously worked in auditing. When possible, Hanna likes to visit the mountains. She is also a handball enthusiast, and has played for Boden handboll.

Zara Karlsson

Cleaning and Service

In charge of cleaning and service, making sure there is a good working environment at the ParkAppreciates the social dimension of her job. Zara has been at Boden Business Park for a long time, previously through a different employer. When she is not working, Zara likes to excersise, and meet up with her family and friends.

Anders Olsson

Property Maintenance

Factotum and caretaker at Boden Business Park. Appreciates the variation and eventfulness in his job description. Previously worked at the Boden municipality integration unit. In Anders’ spare time, he appreciates various forms of exercise.