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The final destination might not always be the goal. Sometimes, it is the pathway that is of most significance. For us, projects are tools and platforms of innovation, rather than just an employing function. 

In order to contribute to innovation for businesses and talents, we participate or operate various types of projects. The purpose can be to create new environments, merge industries, find new business models, or contribute to technology or ideas that – in the long run – will create change and innovative growth.

When we expand the Park, we do it as a partnering project. The purpose is, of course, to produce a splendid building; but also for clients, contractors, and subcontractors to gain experience working in partnering projects. You can read more about Nybygget here.

Boden Type Data Center is a pan-european collaboration project, operated via the EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. Our participation is with the premiss that this supports our growing data center industry, through attraction value, competence, and technology – and at the same time contributing to making sure the data centers are as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Read more about Boden Type Data Center here.

Creative North. Together, creative small and medium-sized companies form the largest private employer in cultural and creative industries in northern Sweden. But the industry is undergoing major changes, with increased demands on digitization, supply of expertise, greater profitability, higher pace of innovation and new business models. Through a cluster, companies can be helped to meet the challenges of the future. Read more about Creative North here.