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Nyheter Boden Business Park


15 december 2015, publicerad av Malin Winsa

Winners Arctic Chain Hackathon

The winner in "Best Business Idea" was Risto Pekkala from Luleå. The jury's award is given with the following motivation:

"Risto has presented a clear and concrete use case for delivering services to organizations, where they can improve and enhance the quality of their internal decision-making at the annual meetings. The jury considers that the service has great potential, can solve a real problem and achieve global reach. The service is based moreover, on the Blockchain technology "

Risto will now, together with our co-organizer Arctic Business Incubator see how they can develop the idea and take it forward.

Risto Pekkala

In the coding challenge we had a total of 8 teams presented their solutions of secure voting using Blockchain.

The winning team was Team NULL, Timmy Silesmo, Luke Sandholm Duberg, Zackarias Arman and Jacob Olofsson, all students from LTU in Skellefteå who showed a well thought out solution to the problem and also demonstrated working code in many of the parts.

Second place went to Erik Alapää from Luleå who have worked alone during the whole weekend and have developed a good and simple solution and also programmed the central areas.

 Team Null - Timmy Silesmo, Lukas Sandholm Duberg, Zackarias Arman och Jakob Olofsson


Guldmyntfoten - Erik Alapää

Parkerna samarbetar om flexibla arbetsplatser

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Företagsrådgivare på plats en dag i veckan

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Upphandling nybyggnation Boden Business Park

9 februari 2018, publicerad av Malin Winsa
Efterfrågan på lokaler på Boden Business Park ökar och förutom kontorlokaler behövs även mer yta för nya utbildningar inom bl.a. spelbranschen. En masterplan och vision för hela området är...